Have you really considered the complexity of employment related government regulations? Choose your business partners accordingly-

Of the 400 plus government agencies at least 9 of them have a hand in regulating
various aspects of employment.  They have the power to actually implement 
compliance regulations.  Those new regs are published in The Federal Register or
via a press release.  Ask yourself, do you have someone on your staff assigned
to receive notice of each of these new rules and regulations?

For example, are you aware that beginning January 1, 2017, OSHA issued a rule 
requiring certain employers to electronically submit information regarding 
injuries and illnesses?

Based on information published by the US Government & Accountability Office, for 
every law that is passed by Congress (during the past five years) the federal 
agencies pass fifteen, which accounts for over 12,000.  Compound that number with 
the sheer complexity of employment regulations.  Take ACA, or Obamacare, as it is
commonly referred to, close to 2000 pages of it.  The act alone has been updated
too many times to count , at least 70 times and counting!

Bottom Line- your company has a burden, the burden is high risk and ever changing.
You are dealing with compliance related issues with increasing penalties looming.
Our sister companies, MedCon and Employer's Risk are in the business of helping
you identify the areas of risk and training you to mitigate or abolish the risk.
We want to become the trusted resource your company looks to for solutions in this
challenging landscape of government compliance.  Think about choosing a partner
with expertise in all aspects employment related.

For more information-give me a call, 214/347-7938 

Sharon N. McReynolds

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