Are You Familiar with the Term PEO?

Professional employer organizations (PEOs) are becoming more popular among small
businesses.  The National Association of PEOs, NAPEO sited in their recent study
"employment growth among PEO clients is 9% higher than other small businesses".

PEOs provide Human Resource related services, worker's compensation coverage,
payroll related administration, including being the employer of record for tax
purposes.  In short, the PEO lets you focus on your core business, the reason you
began your business, while outsourcing the payroll, the employee benefit 
administration, payroll, worker's compensation administration, safety and risk
management, not to mention the ever-growing compliance issues.

Maybe you have ownership in a company and have become familiar with the 
administrative burden the management of all of those mentioned above can do to a
small business.  It can be expensive, complex and most of all time-consuming.
Often times, taking you away from the core business of your business entity.  
With the complexities of workplace laws, it can also be a risky enterprise. 
That is where a partnership with a PEO can help you reduce costs and mitigate
liabilities, allowing you to get back to business, your business!

Contact us for information on just how a PEO can work for you-

Sharon N. McReynolds
MedCon Benefit Systems Group, Inc.
Employer's Risk Administrators, LLP


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