Introducing MedCon Connect

Your benefits consultants at MedCon Benefit Systems are excited to introduce a new comprehensive set of resources to our clients through our new client portal, MedCon Connect. Designed to provide you with time-saving tools and resources, MedCon Connect is a convenient, easy-to-use tool that enables you to manage your everyday tasks in the workplace. MedCon Connect allows you to:

  • Collaborate with our agency via the internet.
  • Quickly access timely news, information, and resources.
  • Connect with hundreds of thousands of peers in your industry.

If tackling your compliance with some of today’s most complicated legislation seems daunting, find clear, easily accessible answers with our set of comprehensive guides, frequently asked questions, quick reference and up-to-date briefs on salient topics including Health Care Reform, ADA, CHIPRA, COBRA, FMLA, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, Mental Health Parity, Section 125, Medicare Part D and more. In just a few clicks, access the following popular resources:

  • Health Care Reform – Find up-to-date information, including legislative updates, timelines and explanations to educate both you and your employees.
  • Questions and Answers – Resolve your doubts about federal legislation with daily questions and answers on popular, current legislative topics.
  • Legislative News – Educate yourself with updated benefits information on any specific legislative category, including COBRA, COBRA State, HIPAA, HIPPA Privacy and FMLA topics.
  • Compliance Forms – Choose election forms, eligibility forms and other general forms related to COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA and more. All forms can be downloaded in PDF or Word format, and many are available in Spanish.
  • Quick Links to Compliance – Find a comprehensive list of links to external government resources to help with compliance issues. Instead of spending hours searching the web for answers to your compliance questions and wondering which version is correct, you can now find your answers by category, directly from the government websites.

Clients will also have access to an extensive library featuring both employee-facing and informational documents for employers which allow you to quickly and effortlessly resolve a host of human resources and insurance-related issues. Find articles, brochures, forms, reports and more regarding:

  • Plan Design
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Wellness Programs

As our client, you have probably heard from us about the impact a health and wellness program can have on your overall health plan costs. MedCon Connect provides clients with an on-demand content library – communications promoting wellness and consumerism are pre-written and ready to distribute, saving you time and money. If you have never initiated a wellness program before, we have guides to get you started as well as research data to help you drive wellness initiatives and methods to evaluate your outcomes.

The nationwide benchmarking surveys administered through and available on MedCon Connect give insight into best practices across the industry. We are also connecting you with other HR professionals throughout the country via the Community Tab. MedCon Connect users have the ability to share industry-specific information and resources through an interactive forum that allows you to post questions to your peers, provide insight into others’ questions and share best practices.

Staying in compliance with OSHA is a snap with the practical and easily accessible collection of occupational safety resources you’ll find on MedCon Connect, including:

  • Compliance and FAQ – Information and answers regarding OSHA’s record-keeping guidelines, coupled with various related resources.
  • Instant OSHA Reporting – Generate up-to-the-minute OSHA reports and drill down by injury type, body part, group or division to identify trends and cost drivers.
  • Custom OSHA Forms – Generate a PDF with your OSHA 200 Log or Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses for a certain division or year.
  • Easy OSHA Log Maintenance – Edit, view and delete log entries quickly and easily with the log maintenance wizard, which makes maintenance simple and guarantees that your records are current.
  • View Recent Incidents – Stay on top of your company’s workplace safety with the online log’s handy at-a-glance view.

This is just another valuable tool we are proud offer to our clients. We encourage all of our clients to login to MedCon Connect by clicking here or using the link on the right-hand side of your screen on our home page. If you have not yet received your login information, please contact Maureen McReynolds: We are looking forward to visiting with you and providing training on how to use this invaluable new tool.